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Additional Resources

Helpful information for suppliers of IT security products and services.

IT Security Shows & Events Calendar:   Trusted Strategie's  chronological list of industry wide security shows & events.  Likely to be of interest to most IT security suppliers.  

Annual CSI Computer Crime & Security Survey: Terrific annual report on the latest IT security trends. Based on survey responses from over 500 security professionals.  

DeVenCi: DoD program to gain access and awareness to small innovative companies with emerging cyber security technologies

Cyber Security Research & Development Center: Established by the Department of Homeland Security to develop security technology for protection of the U.S. cyber infrastructure.

List of  data breaches from
:  Information about data breaches that involve personally identifying information

List of  data breaches from  Another chronological list of data breaches involving personally identifying information.

List of data breaches from Identity Theft Resource Center: Non-profit organization dedicated to educate  consumers, corporations, government agencies and other organizations on best practices for fraud and identity theft detection, reduction and mitigation.

NIST Computer Security Division Publications:  Documents of general interest to the computer security community.

Free Consultation - Contact Us Today

Trusted Strategies is focused exclusively on assisting vendors of IT security products and services.

Email or call us today for a free consultation about your strategic or tactical needs and how we can help you meet them.

Phone: (925) 461-1002

Trusted Strategies is focused exclusively on assisting vendors of IT security products and services.


Trusted Strategies Sponsors ITSEF Forum
The IT Security Entrepreneurs' Forum  helps vendors  enter and serve U.S. Government markets.

Example Market Research Services:
Product Demand Survey (pdf)
Vulnerability Mgt Survey (pdf)
DoJ Cybercrime Study (pdf)

Example Marketing and Sales Tools:

Contributed Article written for Seagate: Can Your Computer Keep a Secret (pdf)

Solutions brief written for Shavlik: Secure Base in a Virtual World (pdf)

Performance comparison written for Secure Computing: Sidewinder vs. Checkpoint (pdf)


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